A Few Sour Notes Among Friends/ My Parents Basement

by The Walls are Blonde

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basement demos for life, for tapes, cdrs, drawings, etc


released July 7, 2008

produced by D Kleiser, gran kleiser, swansea mews, television



all rights reserved


The Walls are Blonde Toronto, Ontario

In Montreal, from Toronto, a Psychedelic-Folk band.

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Track Name: Dead in the Sky
dead in the sky
hold my head up high
walk 20 yards and now im dead up here in the sky
yr eyes
hold me high
i can see your street from up here at the edge of the sky
dead in the sky
body so up high
walk 20 yards and now im alive up here in the sky
Track Name: Prepare to Die
We had just left shore when everything began to happen at once cause the water came in and we started to go down

I looked at jill and she looked back, i was thinking it would be alright to go down, but then the railings broke and the motors gave out and the hall emptied out and no-one was left but the band but now the amps all wet, speakers burst, soaked

we, up three flight now, tried to meet up with the galley crew, but it seemed everyone had gone

so we had a smoke to pass some time

Jill said "I'd love to, right now"
what could I say?
We did while the waters rose, licking our feet and it was fun and funny so we laughed
Track Name: Private Property Creates Crime
death to the cocksure death to the world living in empty air lets turn into a light and then into a girl
death to the cocksure death to the end ill never fear again cause ive got friends