Ontario Reality Generation Issue 3

by The Walls are Blonde

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    Issue 3 "Spring".

    Physically released as a cassette with comic and download strip.


    Ontario Reality Generation is a seasonal publication comprised of music and comics produced by David Kleiser and released by his label DT! Records,

    The story picks up as on August 18 2008. The band drives a 1980 Dodge camper-van christened The Norseman Apollo. halfway between Meteor Crater and Flagstaff AZ. It is hot and they are in an quickly moving enclosed space in the middle of the desert. The wind is loud and, from the front of the van, blaring from a battery operated guitar amp, is an audiobook about cosmology.

    After hours of driving, they find a place to stop, get some water and some gas, and find a flyer for a corporation called "Ontario Reality Generation". It boasts storage of all ones memories, and a reality based on said memories. Unfazed, they discuss it over dinner, and then, deciding it is more important, they discuss their next move. The first option is to find the Wal-Mart in the next city, Kingman, AZ and spend the night in its parkinglot. The second option is try to make to to the Californian border, and possibly as deep into the Californian desert as Barstow before its dark because their headlights don't work. A coin is flipped and Barstow wins.

    As they drive along blaring ancient hip-hop their vans engine, after a week of screaming and overheating, gives one last ride, and then screams and dies. They are faced with the awful reality of a van stranded on the highway at night-time. Subsequently they spend the night on the side of the highway. This results in a lot of fear and discomfort, which in turn shifts the reality around the van and each character inside the van. Thru a series of dreams they each come to learn about the true nature of reality, and how to capitalize on that information for their own profit.
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released May 16, 2011


Skulls written by Danzig
Aquatic Finesse written by D Pacrami
Setting them Free Written by The Diamond Teeth

Arranged and Produced by David Kleiser
2011 DT! Records

David Kleiser - Gtr, Vox, Blips and Hisses

Daniel Pacrami- Ukulele - Vox
Julia Z - Gtr - Vox
Olivia Havercroft - Violin - Vox
Sarah Brunning - Aditional Vox



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The Walls are Blonde Toronto, Ontario

In Montreal, from Toronto, a Psychedelic-Folk band.

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Track Name: Wait for Peace
its time for this to end, recognize the end, and how you've got her
peace is here if you want in war is over if you want that to
all you have to do is wave
in waves
in waves
wave for peace and you shall receive
the peace that you waved for
in waves