Thought Compton

by The Walls are Blonde

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    Thought Compton is the second installment of
    Ontario Reality Generation, A series of comic and EP's produced by David Kleiser.




released February 14, 2011

Produced by Chris Lyons & David Kleiser
Written & Arranged by David Kleiser
Recorded & Mixed by Chris Lyons
Drums - Andy Smith
Bass - Chris Lyons
Guitar/Vox/Loops - David Kleiser

2011 DT! Records

Artwork by David Kleiser

so it goes...



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The Walls are Blonde Toronto, Ontario

In Montreal, from Toronto, a Psychedelic-Folk band.

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Track Name: Dinosaur Faggot
and all at once we are awake
inside of flowing semen,
backstroking for an egg
and its the height of our misfortune that we have no clue of what we serve, and with faith in the assumption that we'll get what we deserve-
we will solider up and down without thinking
and sell our time for cheques barely worth cashing
just so we can go home and withdraw
and get caught up in real big things like how
all dead soldiers always look the same.

and in a minute i must once again decide- destroy the villain; or keep the villain inside and leave the masses who plead their hearts out and learn to blow shit up with my mind and build a temple deep inside, and shut myself out and watch everybody else move tho they like me have nothing inside.

So now I want a girl to call my own, I want my dream lover so I don't have to live down here alone.

Okay so far do you understand what I am saying.
Okay neither do I, but I just figured- as long as we are both bullshitting- you tell me that I solider up and down in the name of the wrong goddamn thing, and I'll tell you all dead soliders always look the same.

In the freeze of Winter
a fog has come to block out the sun
and tho we no longer can see any point
we still try to run.